VMAA Trophy 2013 Gallery

Winning Team from the 2013 VMAA Trophy Event - Northern Flying Group

winning_team_nfg.jpg winning_team_nfg.jpg

Yarra Valley Club having a great time in over two days of competition. Photo by Joe Finocchiaro

dsc_0003.JPG dsc_0003.JPG

La Trobe Valley preparing in the Combat event. Photo by Joe Finocchiaro

dsc_0008.JPG dsc_0008.JPG

Vice President Greg Lepp briefing team Captains for the Pylon event. Photo by Joe Finocchiaro

dsc_0035.JPG dsc_0035.JPG

Bacchus Marsh Team with the some quick repairs to their scale turbine model. Quick thinking made her ready for the second round. Photo by Joe Finocchiaro

dsc_0072.JPG dsc_0072.JPG

NFG Canteen was in full swing for both days of the event and kept everyone well watered and fed. Fantastic job by the Club.Photo by Joe Finocchiaro

dsc_0094.JPG dsc_0094.JPG

A happy La Trobe Valley team. Did well over the two days. Photo by Joe Finocchiaro

dsc_0117.JPG dsc_0117.JPG

VMAA VP Greg Lepp (Left) and Winning Team Member, NFG VP Rob MacDonald. Long time between drinks and well deserved. Photo by Joe Finocchiaro

dsc_0153.JPG dsc_0153.JPG

Teams preparing for the musical landings event. A lot of fun and laughs. Photo by Michael Whelan

img_1850.JPG img_1850.JPG

CD, Graham Scott on the left reading some of the scores, Brian Dowie with medals in hand and VMAA Vice President Greg Lepp. Photo by Michael Whelan

img_1874.JPG img_1874.JPG

BMMAA Team after the event. Come sixth and had a lot of fun.Photo by Michael Whelan.

img_1900.JPG img_1900.JPG

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