Radio Control Discipline

Contacts and Websites for Radio Control Groups

Aust Pattern Aerobatics
Jason Sparks

Victorian Pattern Aerobatics

Henry Hutchinson or Fernando Monge

(03) 5987 1811    (03) 9764 7631

Jeff Sussman
(03) 9531 5471
Old Timer
Steve Gullock
(03) 53449334
Pylon Racing
    Mike Kellett
(03) 9558 1850
Noel Whitehead
(03)  9857-5951
Jet Models (VJAA)
Russell Eastaway
0408 309 468


Theo Arvanitakis

  (03)  95616464 

Scale Aerobatics & IMAC

Michael Andrysik

0413 122 035

Australian Electric Flight

Laurie Baldwin

(03) 94370284


Competitions usually start at 9am.

Note: Most clubs dont fly at all on days of total fire ban


When visiting other clubs as an individual wanting to fly there, introduce yourself, preferably to a committee member. You will need to show your FAI card to prove you have insurance, your valid Heavy Model Permit if applicable, and be signed into the Visitors Book. Enquire what the local rules are before flying and obey them, especially any that relate to frequency control.

At competition events, the Contest Director usually takes charge of these matters, and explains the details at a pilots briefing before the event starts. Above all, treat the host club and its’ members with respect, and feel privileged that you may be allowed to fly at their field.