Getting Started in the Radio Control Hobby


Getting Started

Where is my nearest club?

To find a club in your area click here.

What should I do first?

It is recommended that you visit your local Club and talk to a Club Instructor prior to purchasing your equipment. The Instructor can give you advice as to what equipment is suitable for what aspect you are interested in.

It is very strongly recommended that you do not try to teach yourself to fly. To succeed in flying of radio control aircraft it is essential that you receive instruction. Why risk your aircraft when you can join a Club and receive free instruction?

Club Instructors are also a great source of advice when you are building your model. It is better to get advice and build it right first time.

How much will all this cost?

Cost can vary depending on what you buy. Usually people start of with a "Basic Trainer" airplane, general flight box equipment, a radio, and an Engine.

Here is an Approximation of the costs (assuming new equipment is purchased) for the plane and gear:

Trainer Airplane: $200-$300

  • Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) plane: You need something to fly.
  • Glue: To stick everything together.
  • Engine: To make the plane move

Radio (4 channel): $350

  • Transmitter: To control the plane.
  • Receiver: Fits inside the plane and receives signals from the transmitter.
  • 4 Servos: These move the control surfaces (Rudder, elevator, ailerons) of the plane

Flight Line Equipment: $20 - $50

  • Chicken Stick: Short length of wood used to turn the propeller.
  • 1.2V Battery: To run your glow lead.
  • Glow Plug Lead: This gadget lights up the Glow Plug in the Head of your Engine.
  • Petrol Pump: Theres' 2 Types of these you can Get, Manual Or Electric.
  • Glow Fuel: Makes the engine run.

Why do I have to pay club fees?

Each club charge a set fee every year. These fees help to maintain and expand the club for the benefit of the members.

A portion of the club fees covers insurance & VMAA & MAAA memberships.

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