Free Flight Discipline



Phone Number
President Darien Cassidy 29 Russell Street, Surrey Hills (03) 9899 0322
Secretary Colin Parker PO Box 15, Park Orchards, Victoria, Australia 3114 (03) 9876 1609



The sport of free-flight is one with a long history of competition and endeavour, being the original aeromodeling hobby. It provides a unique blend of construction skills and physical activity, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

There are 3 basic categories; gliders, rubber driven and motor powered and these can be contest machines, sport fun flyers or scale models. All are built and trimmed to fly a set flight pattern without any external control.

It is a rewarding family sport providing outdoor and indoor flying pleasure at moderate expense to suit anyone’s budget. To assist newcomers, V.F.F.S. members lend models and offer every assistance with advice on what to build, materials, sources of supply, construction and trimming. V.F.F.S. affiliation is also available to members of other affiliated groups at a nominal fee of $30 annually.

Slogan: Free Flight the Airsport for Flying and Fitness