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The electric discipline has come a long way since 1986 and contunies tomake headway as tecknology makes our basic tools of the sport that much better. Below is a short article for the AEFA and by visiting their web site, will provide a world of information and much more. The Secretary of the Association is Laurie Baldwin who is more than happy to assist and provide additional details if need be. So pay a visit and enjouy the world of electric flight. Ed

Technology advances in the last decade have changed the face of electric flight.  Brushless motors and lithium polymer batteries have made electric power a viable and affordable choice for almost every facet of R/C aeromodelling.  Today, high performing electric powered models are found in virtually every discipline; jet, scale, helicopter, pattern, pylon racing, old timer, glider, as well as trainers and general sports aircraft.  Indoor too is a thriving aspect where electrics are opening up new modeling opportunities.


For some, the diverse range of different products opens up opportunities for experimentation, creativity and individuality.  For others, accepting a manufacturer’s recommendation is a good solution for trouble free flying and reliable performance.


Like most modeling disciplines, electric flight has its own unique vocabulary and approaches to building, fit-out and flying.  The Australian Electric Flight Association has a comprehensive website (www.aefanet.com) that goes into much more detail and is worth investigating.  They hold a monthly meeting in Melbourne, that is open to visitors and is a good place to seek advice, pick up tips or learn about electric events.  Details are also on the AEFA website.


While opinions often differ between electric and ‘wet fuel’ groups, some say “Electric flyers ‘currently’ do it better”.


Laurie Baldwin
AEFA Secretary