Control Line Discipline

Flying a Control Line Model Aircraft offers a very special kind of excitement! It’s that direct connection between you and your model...that great feeling of being totally involved with “hands on” control through two thin wires. Unlike free flight or radio control, you can actually feel the model respond as it soars around the sky. Feel the motor roar in the speedy racer or purr in an aerobatic model as it responds to your control inputs, carving up the circle into loops, squares and triangles. As the people from Toyota say “Oh what a feeling!”

Control Line models can be divided into classes. There are competition aircraft specially designed to fly aerobatics, team race, speed, combat and scale. Then there are flight trainers and sports models that are built purely to have fun. The choice is yours! All that is needed is a desire to become involved.

Aerobatics is very popular and for good reason. It is a real test of skill as the stunt pilot’s reflexes battle against the unforgivable forces of earth and gravity. Particularly when it gets windy! The idea is to fly a set schedule of manoeuvres as accurately as possible, according to the rules. Judges sit outside the circle and give marks to the pilots as they complete loops, wingovers, squares, figure eights, hourglasses and four leaf clovers. Most stunt models are big with wing spans up to two metres and engines from 5 to 10cc.

Team Racing has a lot of variation, with classes powered by 1.5cc to 6cc engines. The models are mostly semi scale in appearance and are streamlines to enable them to fly as fast as possible, some over 200kph! Pit stops can be frantic, with mechanics often refuelling and restarting with one flick in just a few seconds. Flying three up in a circle at these speeds means adrenaline rushes are guaranteed!

Combat is excitement plus for pilots and spectators alike. It is often difficult to know who gets the biggest buzz. Mid air collisions are frequent and most flyers have back up aircraft to enable them to stay in the event. Paper streamers are attached to mostly 2.5cc powered flying wings and the object is to score as many cuts as possible on your opponents streamer.

Speed models are awesome. Some exceed 300kph spinning, high pitched often single blade propellers at speeds approaching 40,000 rpm! Spectators generally take a step backwards when these models take to the air!

Scale models are spectacular. They can take years to build as each minute detail is copied from the full size aircraft. Points are awarded for flying and static display.

Flying competition, or fly just for enjoyment with sports models. Become a member of a Control Line Club and the choice is yours. However you chose, smiling is guaranteed as loads of fun is part of flying Control Line. New flyers are made most welcome at;

C.L.A.M.F. Aerosports Wells Road, Seaford Melway Ref. 97 J 10 Website: Click Here

K.M.A.C. Stud Road, Knoxfield 72 K9