VMAA Trophy 2017 Gallery

P&DARCS, 2017 Winning Team

dsc_0644.JPG dsc_0644.JPG

Trophy & Medallions

Ready for another great weekend

dsc_0534.JPG dsc_0534.JPG

The main prize...

dsc_0535.JPG dsc_0535.JPG

Just having a chat

Teams getting together and having a good chat

dsc_0546.JPG dsc_0546.JPG

La Trobe

David ready for another round

winner.jpg winner.jpg

Combat Winners

First group to get their medallions in Combat

dsc_0626.JPG dsc_0626.JPG


NFG presented the State Field in tip top condition. Great job and well done

dsc_0647.JPG dsc_0647.JPG

La Trobe with their chargers

At the ready as always

mick_daves_planes.jpg mick_daves_planes.jpg

scale Judging

Like any competition, without the judges you cannot have a comp.

dsc_0543.JPG dsc_0543.JPG

Not a bad day at the field weather wise

dsc_0547.JPG dsc_0547.JPG

MFWMC - Scale Flying

Nice model..

mfw-das.jpg mfw-das.jpg

j3_cub_1.jpg j3_cub_1.jpg

La Trobe Team

Come a long way to take part. Great job guys

the_lvmac_team.jpg the_lvmac_team.jpg

Weather was better on Sunday

Overall, we were lucky with the weather

dsc_0566.JPG dsc_0566.JPG

Limbo Event

Some very good flying and entertainment. Posts 2 models 0

dsc_0583.JPG dsc_0583.JPG

Great Line Up

Mitchell Fixed Wing - Models at the ready

mfw-lineup.jpg mfw-lineup.jpg

Old Timer

Being briefed for the old timer event

dsc_0551.JPG dsc_0551.JPG


Combat event is popular and lots of fun

dsc_0549.JPG dsc_0549.JPG

MFWMC - Thermal Glider

MFWMC Team going through their paces in the Thermal event.

mfw-glider.jpg mfw-glider.jpg

Scale Aerobatics

some nice models took part with some great flying

daves_planes.jpg daves_planes.jpg

Just relaxing

dsc_0564.JPG dsc_0564.JPG

Sports Limbo

There goes another ribbon

dsc_0612.JPG dsc_0612.JPG

Mitchell Fixed Wing Club

A relative new Club kicking goals. Well done

dsc_0649.JPG dsc_0649.JPG

In the family

Mark and Riley Sills having a moment together. Good to see Mark up and about

dsc_0560.JPG dsc_0560.JPG

MFWMC - Team Captain

Michael Andrysik with his Scale Aerobatic machine.

mfw-michael.jpg mfw-michael.jpg

Bomb Drop

Pilot brief for the first bomb drop event

bomb-drop.jpg bomb-drop.jpg

Heli Event

Pilots for the Heli event. Close competition.

heli.jpg heli.jpg

Sports Limbo Poles

Poles one, engines Zero. Hitting the pole dead center does have an impact.

limbo-eng.jpg limbo-eng.jpg

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