Twins Event March 2015

A BF110 Electric flown by Laurie Baldwin (GMAC)

dsc_0012.JPG dsc_0012.JPG

Mark Collins completing his checks before taking the ME 323 out to the runway

dsc_0103.JPG dsc_0103.JPG

Rob Popeleir with his new Gypsy Moth and Greg Lepp having a chat

dsc_0055.JPG dsc_0055.JPG

Mark Anderson’s (NFG) Blue Ultimate on take off

dsc_0060.JPG dsc_0060.JPG

Gary Sunderland’s (BMMAA) Albatross C3. Ready for another flight

dsc_0096.JPG dsc_0096.JPG

Gary Flanagan with his 1/3 scale Stearman. Another great flyer.

dsc_0045.JPG dsc_0045.JPG

Anthony Monteleone and Brian Whellan.

dsc_0051.JPG dsc_0051.JPG

Leigh Kellock and Les Sawyer (MMAC) had a great day

dsc_0014.JPG dsc_0014.JPG

David Balfor’s (TCMAC) Boeing 40.

dsc_0033.JPG dsc_0033.JPG

Chris Claydon flying his DJ1 Quad Copter. Took some great footage of the event. Clear guidelines were given on were to fly and not.

dsc_0010.JPG dsc_0010.JPG

Ken Thomas making the presentation of the main award

2_0104.JPG 2_0104.JPG

Mark Collins wins the KATY award presented to him by Ken Thomas. For the ME 323 flight. Congratulations to both for a job well done.

2_0106.JPG 2_0106.JPG

Dave Barling (BMAC) with his Duel Ace

dsc_0007.JPG dsc_0007.JPG

Chris Clayton took the Airborne subscription of LDMAF Club

2_0098.JPG 2_0098.JPG

Peter Harrison took the Airborne subscription of P&DARCS Club

2_0100.JPG 2_0100.JPG

Les Shawyer took the Airborne subscription of MMAC

2_0101.JPG 2_0101.JPG

Madison Lang took home a Gift voucher from SC Hobbies

2_0102.JPG 2_0102.JPG

David Chivers took home the Chipmunk ARF

2_0096.JPG 2_0096.JPG

Mario (SEMAC) took home the Tensho Acromaster

2_0097.JPG 2_0097.JPG

Neil Addicott wins a prize while Mark Sill, President NFG does the honours.

2_0094.JPG 2_0094.JPG

Glen Allan took home the Art-Tec STOL plane.

2_0095.JPG 2_0095.JPG

The event certainly brings out the most unusual models.

2_0056.JPG 2_0056.JPG

Ken Thomas (L) and Mark Collins (R) Congratulate each other on a job well done. Ken started the job and Mark finished it. Flew very well indeed.

2_0066.JPG 2_0066.JPG

Lyall Tevelen and Murray Ellis with a Porter ready for another fly.

2_0016.JPG 2_0016.JPG

Preparing the ME 323

2_0029.JPG 2_0029.JPG

Neil Addicott gives the thumbs up on his Comet

2_0035.JPG 2_0035.JPG

Must be a flock of Skybolts…!! From left, Ian Kershaw, Bruce Thompson and George Vasiliadis (GMAC)

2_0046.JPG 2_0046.JPG

The future of our sport – From the left, Anthony Monteleone, Madison Lang and Riley Sills. Plenty of flying by these three..

2_0080.JPG 2_0080.JPG

Mark Collins’s (P&DARCS) ME 323. Ken Thomas originally started the build for this model. Then given to Mark to keep and finish. Another large model

dsc_0099.JPG dsc_0099.JPG

The raffle prizes from World Models, SC Hobbies, Airborne and the local winery. Great sponsors for the event.

2_0082.JPG 2_0082.JPG

ME 323 is a big model and was very impressive in the air. Well done to Mark in completing and flying the model.

dsc_0120.JPG dsc_0120.JPG

Haydn Flanagan with his Duel Ace. Good job

dsc_0038.JPG dsc_0038.JPG

Mike Farnan and his Electric 337 doing some inverted flying.

dsc_0145.JPG dsc_0145.JPG

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