Mangalore March 2015

Mario Schembri (Right) with his brother and Dad. Flying a Turbinator. Good fling model.

dsc_0226.JPG dsc_0226.JPG

Another large model at the field was a Futura. Flown by Theo. Jetcat at the back end.

dsc_0223.JPG dsc_0223.JPG

dsc_0197.JPG dsc_0197.JPG

David Law with his faithful Vampire

dsc_0166.JPG dsc_0166.JPG

The flight line was a busy place all day. Great flying and no incidents.

dsc_0175.JPG dsc_0175.JPG

Ken Mollison fleet for the day. L39 Albatross, Xcalibur and Foremost all ready to take to the skies.

dsc_0160.JPG dsc_0160.JPG

Russell Eastaway preparing his F15 Eagle.

dsc_0159.JPG dsc_0159.JPG

Peter Stefurak with his smaller camo, L39 Albatross. Flew very well.

dsc_0154.JPG dsc_0154.JPG

Greg Lepp and Noel Whitehead with their Falcons ready to go. Colour scheme stands out.

dsc_0148.JPG dsc_0148.JPG

Russell Eastaway given pilots brief and outlining the boundaries for the day

dsc_0151.JPG dsc_0151.JPG

Damien Mould’s A-10 looks the part and is a big model

dsc_0152.JPG dsc_0152.JPG

Garry Thiele and Ken Mollison (BMMAA Club), preparing Ken’s new L39 Albatross. Powered by KingTech 210 turbine

dsc_0153.JPG dsc_0153.JPG

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